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The SDM-03 is a versatile maintenance tool that automates the testing service of a 03 Series portable gas monitor. This docking station can be used as a stand alone device for charging, calibration and bump testing, with all records stored automatically for future upload to a PC via USB flash drive (PC software and flash drive included).

Multi Module System
utomate how you manage and service 03 Series instruments by connecting the SDM-03 to a computer with a USB cable. With the SDM Docking Station controller software, you can simultaneously calibrate, bump test, or archive data for up to ten instruments. Also, download the data logging history from each instrument into one easy to manage locator. SDM-03 stations can be manifolded together to reduce the number of demand flow regulator gas cylinders required.

User Guide Poster
Each SDM-03 ships with a pictorial wall chart user guide. This guide gives the already easy to use cal station a simple pictorial easy step by step guide to calibrating or bump testing a 03 Series. It�s ideal to hang in an instrument shop or wherever the SDM-03 is located.

SDM-03 Docking and Calibration Station(For the O3 Series Models)

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