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RKI�s new SDM-2012 calibration station for the Gas Tracer is now available with advanced features for charging, calibration, & bump testing. Once you power up the GasTracer inside the SDM-2012 calibration module, the GasTracer display will indicate whether it�s transmitting data, bump testing, calibrating, as well as the results of the bump test or calibration.

Multi Module System
The SDM-2012 can also be connected to a PC for automated calibration, bump testing, and archiving of logged data including calibration and bump test records, interval and alarm trends. Network up to 10 SDM-2012 stations to charge, calibrate, and bump test 10 instruments simultaneously.

User Guide Poster
Each SDM-2012 ships with a pictoral wall chart user guide. This guide gives the already easy to use cal station a simple pictorial easy step by step guide to calibrating or bump testing a Gas Tracer. It�s ideal to hang in an instrument shop or wherever the Gas Tracer is located.

SDM-2012 Calibration Station(For Gas Tracer Models)

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